Obrazek nenalezen

The sun, water and soil - varieties of trees and human care - form the recipe for alcohol, which heals, warms, tastes and you will remember it. We wish you many good reasons to have a "shot";) Cheers!

Plum brandy

Variety: Tophit (Prunus Domestika)

Place of harvest: Zvoleněves, Středočeský kraj

Harvest: September 2019

Burning date: May-June - 2020

Batch: 00001

Aroma: boiled plum tones, brilliant freshness, delicate roasted aroma and fruit ester, strong fruity taste

Taste: delicate rich taste of fruit, feeling of sweetness and juiciness, plum, marzipan, cinnamon, fully developed, pleasant taste on the palate

Alcohol volume: 50%

Bottle: 0.5 l

Obchod s produkty
Palenka Slivovice
destilace ikona

Modern distillation equipment

Distillation takes place on equipment from a Czech manufacturer. A high-quality three-stage stainless steel distillation column with a copper catalyst filter is a guarantee that the resulting distillate will have the conditions to achieve the required quality.

destilace ikona

Unique varieties of fruit trees

In our orchards we grow varieties of plums, cherries, cherries, pears, apricots and apple trees, which are suitable for the region of Central Bohemia. Generally known and special varieties. Our goal is always quality-healthy fruit, which is the basis of quality brandy. We leave it up to you to find out which varieties will win your favor.

destilace ikona

destilace ikona

The orchard is the home of our bees

Bees and orchards = inseparable partnership;)During flowering, the bees perform an invaluable service in pollinating the flowers. In return, they get nectar and pollen from the orchards, from which they create flower honey of the highest quality.